Image by Jonny Caspari

Design Advice

Want to make some changes to your home but don't know where to start? Maybe you just need a bit of design advice or some style tips to get you going.


These sessions are the perfect opportunity to "pick my brain" and get quick answers to your burning design-related questions, all in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you need guidance on which style of furniture to choose, ideas for lighting and accessories or you need help selecting colours and finishes we can advise you on what would work best for your home. We can also help you with furniture layout and window treatments.

Some common questions people ask:​

Which fabric should I choose for my curtains?
Fabric in Rolls
How can I arrange my furniture to make my room work better?
Should I have blinds or curtains for this window or both?
Curtains and Blinds
What type of carpet would work best for my lifestyle?
Woman Rolling Carpet
What style of wallpaper should I choose?
Rolls of Wallpaper
What size sofa would be right for my living room?
Grey Sofa
How should I hang my artwork?
Woman Hanging Framed Photos
What colour should I paint my bedroom?

Our sessions last 2 hours or more depending on how much time you would like with us.

Please get in touch for more information and prices.

Sessions available in Sussex, Surrey and surrounding areas.