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Late 19th Century Cottage
Living Room

The previous owners of our client's house had been using it as a B&B so they wanted to make it feel and function like a home again. They were also keen on bringing back some character and enhancing the original features. I chose a palette of heritage colours, selected timeless pieces and took inspiration from nature for the fabrics and textures as their house is surrounded by countryside. I completely revised the room layout so that it is now practical for modern everyday living and added colourful accessories and quirky prints to add character and reflect my client's personality.

Late Nineteeth Century Cottage
Converted Bungalow

Converted Bungalow
Living Room and Dining Room

Our clients had a completely blank canvas and didn't know where to start with their long rectangular Living Room and their Dining room with multiple doors. I divided the room into zones for different uses, a larger area to watch TV and entertain guests, two separate areas to sit and read and a dining area with an extending table for flexibility. Living by the coast, they wanted their home to have some nautical elements without it being too themed so I created a nautical scheme with a twist; industrial lighting and mirrors, classic furniture with contemporary velvets, abstract naval references in the wallpaper and accessories and a colour palette that complemented their favourite naval paintings.

Contemporary Home
Master Bedroom Suite

Our clients wanted a luxurious master bedroom and they were a big fan of jewel tones. I chose a colour palette of rich magenta, emerald green and amber orange balanced with a mixture of warm and cool neutrals and black accents. References to elephants, their favourite animal, are featured in the cushions, curled curtain finials and artwork and I chose the African bird feather wallpaper to remind them of their travels in Kenya.

Contemporary Home
Edwardian House

Edwardian House
Home Office / Music Studio

Our client wanted some help transforming her small, awkward and cluttered room into a practical space to run her business from and also an inspiring place to teach her music students. In-built storage on one side of the room opened up the space and removed files and folders from view. Pops of colour, flexible seating and fun music-themed prints add character and charm and the large, strategically placed mirrors bounce light around the room creating the illusion of space.

1980s Terrace
Master Bedroom, Living/Dining Area, Kitchen

The biggest challenge with this project was to make this small house feel bigger and so I altered the layout of each room in order to create the illusion of extra space and added lots of pieces with reflective surfaces to bounce light around each room. Jewel tones, geometric patterns and art deco touches give this house a glamorous and contemporary feel.